Anubis Adult

Adult Anubis Dragon

The Anubis Dragon is an ultra rare dragon in the game Dragon Story. It is available at level 14. It can be purchased from the market for 2600 gold or bred.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Baby Form: The Anubis Dragon was once thought to be extinct by Dragon caretakers. Dragon historians had found traces of the breed when excavating old dragon habitats, but no one had ever seen an Anubis Dragon in recorded history. That changed when caretakers found an ancient tomb with a perfectly preserved Anubis egg inside...

Juvenile Form: Inside the ancient Anubis tomb, dragon caretakers discovered not only the preserved egg, but also strange symbols and pictures on the wall. Once studied, the caretakers discovered that the writings were breeding instructions for the Anubis dragon. This not only helped bring back the Anubis dragon from near extinction but also proved the existence of dragon caretakers dating back thousands of years!

Adult Form: Anubis Dragons have curious markings on their body that many dragon enthusiasts find puzzling. In the third stage of their evolution, all Anubis dragons grow identical birthmarks on their shoulders; they are all the same size, shape, and in the same spot. This birthmark symbol was also found painted many times on the wall of the ancient Anubis tomb.

Epic Form: Epic Anubis dragons are very tuned in to the lives and births of other dragons. Epic Anubis Dragons take flight and begin to fly circles around a nest when it has an egg almost ready to hatch. They are so perceptive, this usually occurs within five minutes of the hatching.