Breed guardian

Guardian Dragons

Guardian Dragons are one of the starter breeds of dragon in the online game Flight Rising.


Guardians are immense, protective creatures. The guardian species originates from Fishspine Reef, though the nature of The Search sees individuals wandering far from the birthplace of their race.

Guardian Dragons are one of the largest known dragon species. They have fins along their face, limbs, and chest. These rigid fins are armored, and can be held stiff or collapsed like fans. The fins can be flared outward to help protect the hide of the creature, making Guardians one of the most durable dragons in physical combat. Males of the species boast impressive beards that they go to great lengths to maintain.

In GameEdit

Guardian Dragons are one of the starter breeds, you can pick one to be your first dragon. It is possible to find their eggs while scavenging or in the coliseum. You can also change a dragon into a Guardian by using a Breed Change Scroll item available in the treasure marketplace.