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Mirror Dragons

Mirror Dragons are one of the starter breeds of dragon in the online game Flight Rising.


Mirror dragons are known for their savagery and their hunger. They are social predators that run in immense packs. The species originates from The Abiding Boneyard, but their migratory nature sees packs roaming to every corner of the world.

Mirror dragons are a medium-sized dragon that possesses two sets of eyes. The larger set allows them to see light, while the smaller forward-set pair allows them to track their prey by heat signature. Each mirror dragon has a rigid, fanned crest that is used in displays of dominance.

Mirrors are one of the few dragon species that prefer to do the bulk of their travel across the surface of the earth rather than over it. They are tireless on the land, running their prey down at sprint speeds of up to 50 miles an hour. These predators are capable of short-duration flights, but will quickly tire and return to earth. This may be due to their metabolism, which is a formidable beast; the average adult mirror will consume its body weight in prey each month.

In GameEdit

Mirror Dragons are one of the starter breeds, you can pick one to be your first dragon. It is possible to find their eggs while scavenging or in the coliseum. You can also change a dragon into a Mirror Dragon by using a Breed Change Scroll item available in the treasure marketplace.