Breed pearlcatcher

Pearlcatcher Dragons

Pearlcatcher Dragons are one of the common breeds of dragon in the online game Flight Rising.


Pearlcatcher dragons are haughty, independent creatures who consider themselves apart from the rest of dragonkind. The Pearlcatcher species originates from the Sunbeam Ruins, where their population continues to thrive.

Pearlcatchers are a mid-sized breed. Females possess a single, shining horn, while males have two. These dragons have compact bodies and leathery wings. A short, coarse mane runs down the length of their head and neck, and tufts of fur sprout from their elbows, ankles, and tail tips. Two long, sensitive whiskers grow from their muzzles, and they have large, mobile ears capable of independent movement.

In GameEdit

Pearlcatcher dragons are listed as a common breed in the Flight Rising encyclopedia. They have a breeding cooldown of 20 days. You can also change a dragon into a Pearlcatcher by using a Breed Change Scroll item available in the treasure marketplace.