Red-Hot Itchyworm from "A Hero's Guide to Deadly Dragons"

Red-Hot Itchyworms are a species of dragon from the How to Train Your Dragon books by Cressida Cowell. They are primarlly featured in "A Hero's Guide to Deadly Dragons".


COLOURS: Bright chilli red

ARMED WITH: A bite and a sting far more painful than a hornet... 5

DEFENCES: See above... 5

HUNTING ABILITY: A swarm can take down a deer... 5

SPEED: Quite quick... 5

FEAR AND FIGHT FACTOR: A swarm of Itchyworms cannot kill you but you will be itching for hours afterwards... 4

Red-Hot Itchyworms are, as their name suggests, almost unbearably hot to the touch. They are blood-suckers, and when they get into a person's clothing they swarm all over the body in a pack, biting incessantly. An attack by Red-Hot Itchyworms is infinitely worse than having ants in your pants.