Breed ridgeback

Ridgeback Dragons

Ridgeback Dragons are one of the common breeds of dragon in the online game Flight Rising.


Ridgebacks are massive, cunning dragons. The Ridgeback breed originates from The Shifting Expanse, and most of their species still calls this territory home. A small number have begun to venture out into the world, but their eccentric tendencies and specialized diet have most clans turning them away.

The Ridgeback is an imposing dragon, towering meters above other species. Male Ridgebacks possess a large, forward-facing horn that continues to grow throughout the dragon's life. They have sharp, ridged spines running down the length of their body and limbs. These spines are molted each turn. When their mane of spines rejuvenates it's an itchy and time-consuming process. It's wise to tread lightly around a half-spined dragon, as their temper during these times is not at its finest.

These dragons will spend hours baking in the sun, and polish their scales to a glistening sheen by rolling around in the coarse desert sands. Ridgeback aversion to water is legendary, which is ironic given their diet.

In GameEdit

Ridgeback dragons are listed as a common breed in the Flight Rising encyclopedia. They have a breeding cooldown of 20 days. You can also change a dragon into a Ridgeback by using a Breed Change Scroll item available in the treasure marketplace.