Sniffer Dragon from "A Hero's Guide to Deadly Dragons"

Sniffer Dragons are a species of dragon from the How to Train Your Dragon books by Cressida Cowell. They are primarlly featured in "A Hero's Guide to Deadly Dragons".


COLOURS: Pale aquamarine

ARMED WITH: Large nose... 2

DEFENCES: Not very many... 1

HUNTING ABILITY: Phenomenal trackers

SPEED: Slow ... 1

FEAR AND FIGHT FACTOR: Sniffer Dragons are not really fighters. They are used by the Murderous Tribe to track down enemies rather like blood-hounds... 1


Sniffer Dragons from "A Hero's Guide to Deadly Dragons"

Sniffer Dragons have enormous hairy noses that are highly sensitive. They have got used to the Murderous stink over the centuries and it doesn't bother them any more.

Sniffers are very gentle and they wrinkle their noses up when they meet each other. They make very good friends and family pets.