The Icewarden

The Icewarden is the elemental god of Ice dragons in the world of Flight Rising.


The Icewarden is the Reigning God of the Ice Flight. He resides in the Southern Icefield, at the Fortress of Ends.

The Icewarden was born during the first age, in the battle between the first four dragon gods. When the Flamecaller's actions created smoke thick enough to cover the sun, the southern hemisphere was covered with darkness and coldness. The Icewarden was born in this frozen land. 

After the appearance and defeat of The Shade, the Icewarden helped create the World Pillar.

After the Pillar had been shattered and the eight gods that had created the pillar were awakened from their slumber, each one decided to head off to their own land. The Icewarden couldn't depart without saying something to the Earthshaker, the sole dragon to stay beside the pillar. "This is the way of it. We were resolute enough to keep this world from destroying itself, but now we have another charge. It is evident that we will never hold off the residual darkness together, so we must do so apart. It is time to seperate." And with that, he left for the Southern Icefield.