The Windsinger

The Windsinger is the elemental god of Wind dragons in the world of Flight Rising.


The Windsinger looks like what he's named after, the wind. With a curly body that seems to go whichever way it pleases, The Windsinger can be easily compared to the Spiral breed. Some of the most notable features of The Windsinger are the long, blunt spines down his back, relatively small arms and legs with black claws, a scaly underside, and billowing mint-colored clouds floating around his head, arms, legs, and tail tip. Like the wind, he appears to constantly be afloat and moving around. His color scheme is completely composed of light greens, also the colors of the Wind Flight itself. During his conflict with the Tidelord in the First Age, he created an intensely charged hurricane which resulted in the birth of the Stormcatcher.