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Tundra Dragons

Tundra Dragons are one of the starter breeds of dragon in the online game Flight Rising.


The Tundra species originated from the Snowsquall Tundra. Though not the the brightest of creatures, this hardy breed survives by virtue of their toughness and ability to eat almost anything that grows. Their constitution allows them uncontested domain over harsh, barren tracts of land that other dragons are pleased to avoid.

The most striking feature of the Tundra dragons is their thick, shaggy coat of fur. As winter approaches their coats become incredibly dense and spreads to cover the entire dragon. Flight with a full winter coat is difficult and only undertaken in times of need. During the summer season tundra dragons shed their winter coats, leaving their body covered in a much finer coat of fur, the hindquarters and lower wings exposed.

Tundra dragons who join flights in warmer climes never see their winter coats, (Though their summer coat is more than enough to cause heat exhaustion in locations such as the Viridian Labyrinth, Ashfall Waste, and Shifting Expanse. Tundra dragons possess impressive canine teeth used for combat. The majority of their jaw is set with flat, wide molars, perfect for grinding up scrub.

In GameEdit

Tundra Dragons are one of the starter breeds, you can pick one to be your first dragon. It is possible to find their eggs while scavenging or in the coliseum. You can also change a dragon into a Tundra by using a Breed Change Scroll item available in the treasure marketplace.